Monday, February 27, 2012

Not Everything is Classified as Paranormal

We have experienced allot during our investigations. One thing we found out, everything that we see or hear is not paranormal. For example sounds such as hearing a creek sound on a wood floor in another room your not in but you are near just may be the building settling and not a spirit or ghost. Hearing a door slam also may be paranormal or may be debunked as well. Check first to see if any wind may have closed it or that the the hinges on the door aren't loose. After careful examination you then can classify sounds you hear as paranormal, unexplained or debunked.

Analyze shadows or something moving across the window the same way. Shadows could be your fellow Investigator to the side of you, a bird flying or even a car or truck going by.

EVP's captured on a digital recorder are classified either as a residual EVP or a intelligent spirit making contact with you. I have had several EVP's tell me to "Get out" or to tell me "come closer". Using a earpiece in your digital recorder is helpful during recording. You have a much better chance of hearing the spirit talk directly to you. 

More to come soon.

Mark & Lisa of Phantom Coach Paranormal

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